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Recruitment franchise opportunities

Automotive recruitment requires dedication and work. Far too many recruitment agencies simply throw candidates into every position they can without care for how the candidate’s skills match the position and without factoring in their experience. This puts their candidates and the businesses utilising them at a disadvantage: The businesses do not receive the right candidates and the candidates aren’t receiving job offers from businesses that can utilise their skills to their fullest potential. At John Gibson Associates, we pride ourselves on putting in the work for all of our candidates and our clients to find them the best positions and the best employees respectively. Continue Reading

Boosting the image of your business

The automotive industry is one of the largest sectors in the UK. We focus on helping our clients optimise their organisations and ensure long term profitability. When it comes to the success of your company, public image plays a huge part. When people purchase cars they not only part with a huge portion of their income they also entrust their safety to the professional integrity of the company and the seller. It is vital that your organisation has a positive image in order to elicit positive perception and trust. Flexibility is also a major contributor. The buying habits of consumers are subject to constant change, and the automotive industry needs to be able to keep up with the ever evolving demands so that the needs of consumers can be met. Continue Reading

Finding your new job with us

We place pride in the fact that we are at the forefront of motor trade recruitment. For both our clients and their prospective candidates, we provide nothing less than the best possible service, with help through every step of the recruitment process. With the automotive industry roaring back in recent years, we believe that 2015 is going to be a year of great opportunities for those seeking roles in this exciting sector. We aim to help spur the industry on to its best year yet. Continue Reading

The automotive sector offers great rewards

The motor industry is renowned for offering excellent career opportunities for the people that work in it. The sector is immensely diverse and covers everything from manufacturing to finance, offering job openings in a wide variety of different disciples. Skills you learn in the majority of roles will be transferable so you can take them with you to work almost anywhere in the world. Whatever your interests you can find a rewarding career in a technologically advanced, forward thinking industry by choosing the automotive sector. Continue Reading

Ensuring long term success

It is the case that in any industry in the UK today, the people involved in it are the ones who will determine the success achieved. The automotive industry is one of the most important elements of the economic landscape of the nation, and is certainly no exception in this regard. The people who undertake motor industry jobs are the ones who ensure the sector’s continuous success and growth. We know just how important this is, which is why our services are committed to ensuring successful and beneficial recruitment processes in the business. Continue Reading

Building a better automotive industry

Whilst the automotive industry reflects on a successful 2014, we are looking ahead to helping build further success in 2015 and beyond. Our approach to automotive recruitment and motor trade jobs has undoubtedly assisted and encouraged the healthy state of the industry, and we look forward to contributing further in the years ahead. Continue Reading

Some basic but beneficial recruiting tips

When it comes to recruitment, there are several things you need to do to ensure you choose the right candidates for your business. You want individuals who will contribute and help you to move forwards. Knowing what qualities to look for and the kind of environment you need to create to help them get started quickly will increase your chance of choosing the right people. Continue Reading

Industry growth expected for 2015

November saw a small decline in the number of new cars manufactured in the UK but new growth is expected for 2015. The month saw 137,347 new vehicles made, just 0.2% lower than the number for 2013. Alongside cars commercial vehicle production has also fallen slightly with a 0.7% reduction to 7,073. The conditions suggest the market is contracting slightly but the lower demand can be traced to economic uncertainty and a dip in exports. Continue Reading

Take the next career step in 2015

With a new year comes a new start, and for many of us, they may mean taking the next step in our careers or making a move into a new one. From the most experienced mechanics, engineers, sales people and IT specialists to to young people fresh out of school or college, the automotive industry offers many chances for success and is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK at the moment. Continue Reading

New opportunities in IT and engineering

As we discover that the British economy is set to grow and expand throughout 2015, studies have shown that professional recruitment firms in the UK currently have 27% more vacancies on their books than they did at the end of 2013. Engineering and IT roles are amongst the most rapidly growing areas, but there is growth across the entire board and across many different sectors. For those who are seeking to take a new direction in their career or take the next step up the ladder in their chosen field, this is excellent news. Continue Reading