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Social Media Exposure

Social Media(Social) Media Exposure

We at JGA try to embrace all aspects of Social Media to help both our clients and our candidates. We do, however, feel that we need to suggest some best practises to make sure the right message gets across!

1. Facebook – one of the most popular and recognisable social media sites in the world.

As a recruiter, we like to ‘facebook’ our candidates to give us a better understanding of your personalities and to check whether or not you may have posted any ‘unsuitable’ pictures on your profile – remember that if we can see them, anyone can !

If you have recently applied for a new position with a client of ours which will involve some seniority and/or responsibility and you have a picture of yourself semi-naked  ‘ having it large’ in some den of iniquity, would you like a prospective employer looking at this ??

2. Twitter – another internationally known and used social media site.

Once again, as a recruitment business at the forefront of motor trade recruitment in the UK, we like to post messages to all our followers (follow us on @JohnGibsonAssoc In case you didn’t already know! ) and we like to post comments as well as receive them. These comments are, of course, personal to you but can also be seen by anyone; therefore, we ask that you please be totally honest about anything you may tweet, remembering to make sure that your comments are not slanderous in any way, racist, ageist or derogatory to any specific person or company. If you are having a bad day and want to tell someone about it, call us ! We are thick-skinned enough to understand that this may happen from time to time and we would love to know what you think of your boss– just not posted  on the above boards!!

3. LinkedIn – Quickly becoming the ONLY international, professional contact site.

Although this is specifically for business people much more than the above two sites, it is still wise to keep any strong views to yourself or in a personal message to your connection (rather than posting a message to share to ALL your contacts) ……………..Remember who could be looking, that might be a 2nd or 3rd level contact to one of your connections!!!

To sum up, please remember this: – if you have very far-right views on something and you like to take photos of yourself in various states of drunken undress, at illegal lock-ins making ‘artistic nature movies’ under the influence of banned substances – please keep it to yourself for both our benefits!!

 Exposure on Job Boards

It has come to our attention that certain motor trade job boards have changed the way they operate and that once you have applied for a job, your CV is on show to anyone who signs up to search through online CV’s. This will expose you to the following;

  1. The ‘cowboy recruitment agency’ – These people search the internet for CV’s and then send them ‘en masse’ to everyone in the UK who has a job advertised with the hope of getting someone to bite and thus getting a fee…………..What if they send it to YOUR BOSS ??
  2. b.      HR managers within the motor trade – This could be HR personnel within a specific dealer group or a manufacturer…………….. Again, would you like your employers to know you are applying for other jobs???

JGA remain the best and safest way to search for a new position in the motor trade and if you remember the above, you will all have nothing to worry about.

We now have a fully interactive web-site with ALL the latest jobs around the UK with a team of dedicated ex-motor trade experts to help you with your next and future career moves and look forward to hearing from you.

Email address 

Almost everyone has an email account of some sort and we receive all our candidate CV’s by email. Our clients are increasingly using Psychometric Testing  or online manufacturer  assessments and for this they normally require candidate email address . Please make sure that the email address you use is acceptable : For example, the following is just a short list of what may not be the best addresses to use for obvious reasons !!

—–[email protected]

—–[email protected]

—–[email protected]


If you have a similar email address as above, please consider a new one for any applications you may submit as this may have a detrimental effect on your chances of being considered further for any position.

Social Media for the Automotive Industry

Motor TradebookWant get your business involved with Social Media?

Motor Tradebook will be right up your street

The Automotive Industry has it’s very own dedicated social media website; allowing dealers to trade vehicles and network, buyers to browse entire stock listings and automotive suppliers to promote their products.

Motor Tradebook is a great way to market your business, target an audience and also promote yourself through a dedicated Motor Trade platform.

If you’re not a member already then check it out for yourself. With thousands members already registered, Motor Tradebook is the social platform for Automotive Industry.

Click on the Motor Tradebook logo below, register and get connected with the rest of the Motor Industry

Motor Tradebook

Hiring the right Automotive team

Automotive TeamHiring the right team – what you should look for and how to get a good team balance’

By Ross Lebeter, Associate Consultant, John Gibson Associates.

Hiring the right team is one of the oldest challenges in retail sales. Getting the right mix of people in your team is crucial. To make it more difficult still, the ‘right’ people rarely walk through your door or apply directly for the job.
What to Look For The first thing to look for is a person with the right personality to fit with your corporate culture. Personality is key and it’s very difficult to assess personality in a formal interview scenario, where nerves can affect personality. In this instance you must trust your gut and assess their warmth and integrity. It can be said that a good, trust worthy recruiter can assist with personality identification – most candidates will be at ease and far more comfortable with a recruiter than they will be with a hiring manager in an interview situation. Embrace a good relationship with a recruiter, give them time to find the ‘right personality’ and then trust your judgement on the day.

Don’t get hooked up on skills and qualifications I have a mantra, ‘recruit for attitude, train for skills’. You can send employees on manufacturer training courses or to the group training facility in order to learn product details, process and wider industry knowledge. In one extreme, I have found that without any training at all a competent individual can learn the ins-and-outs of a department within three months. It may seem easier to recruit candidates with previous product or brand knowledge, but this will more than likely lead to just another average employee. However if you recruit someone with the right attitude and sparkling personality, you are on to a winner.

Don’t be afraid to hire a hot shot Some hiring managers are afraid of hot shots. It seems a risk to shock a steady team by bringing in a relentless, high performing employee. However, given the right personality, this individual can raise the bar and get the best out of their team mates. This type of person will also tend to bring an attitude aimed at turning problems into opportunities and will inspire a team to follow suit. These people often become indispensable and are prime internal promotion material for the future.

Expanding a Team In the current climate with business steadily improving, it can seem that the priority is to quickly bring additional people on board to manage the workload, rather than bring the ‘right’ people on board to drive the business forward. When looking to increase the size of a team, look to internal promotion opportunities first and foremost. This can be achieved quickly and you will also remove the guess work regarding personality and their ability to integrate into your team. They too will know the company inside-out, allowing a swift transition.

DO NOT RUSH! Should there be no obvious candidate for promotion, look to your recruiter to go and head-hunt exactly the type of person you require for your team. This can take time, however trust that your recruiter will locate and verify specific potential candidates who can genuinely benefit your business and compliment the team. Do not underestimate the importance of bringing the right people into your team. Quoting Apple’s Dan Jacobs, “it is better to have a hole in your team, than an asshole in your team!”

Motor Trade Sales Looking Promising for November

cheetah close upAccording to Glass’s – the UK’s leading motoring guide, the motor trade outlook is looking promising for November.

Compared to previous years, when November has traditionally been seen as a slow month, this month is showing signs of a pick-up in sales as the country emerges from the economic slow-down, and consumers feel a renewed confidence.

One of the reasons for the surge in interest in the motor trade is the availability of finance, with low interest rates available again and more applications, particularly for personal contract purchases, being reported in recent months. Consumers are also changing their car buying habits as dealers are saying there is less of a seasonality apparent in the sale of 4x4s and convertibles, and sales of smaller, more fuel efficient cars are still buoyant.

Figures for sales in November of 2012 and 2011 were well-down on pre-recession levels, but fleet sales continued to grow. Motor trade has risen steadily in the last year and a half though, and August 2013 marked the 18th month of consecutive growth for the sector, and was notable as being the highest month for car sales since 2007. Commercial car sales have continued to be strong, with September recording a 10.3% in lightweight vehicles and 29.7% in heavyweight vehicles.

Rupert Pontin, chief car editor at Glass’s, said: “It would appear that the country may be turning a corner from an economic perspective, with recent reports showing not only increased consumer confidence but factual evidence of continued PPI pay-outs and a surge in the number or mortgages being taken out. So the question remains, where is the retail market now, and what will be the best and most profitable sellers in what is likely to be a very different November to those experienced in previous years? The answer is to be sharp, quick-witted and to react to the market information available to ensure the best result.”

Glass’s use economic factors, auction prices and consumer tastes to gauge where sales are headed month-on-month.




Preparing Your CV for a Motor Trade Interview

Preparing Your CV for a Motor Trade InterviewAs with most industries, getting an interview in the motor trade is difficult enough, never mind a new job. On average, you’re competing with around 80-candidates for every vacancy, so standing out is really important. In order to do that, the first thing to do is think about preparing your CV for a motor trade interview.

You need to think of your CV as a sales brochure. It needs to make recruiters sit up and think. To compel them to interview you.  And give them expectations around you being the person to fill the role advertised.

So how do you do that? The first thing to consider is your personal profile. Does it sell you and what you can do? Does it include all the skills and attributes necessary for the role? If not, you probably won’t make the shortlist. Make sure your statements are short and punchy and factual. There’s nothing motor recruitment companies like less than flowery, meaningless statements with very little substance behind them.

When preparing your CV for a motor trade interview, you must include your relevant experience and skills throughout your career. Don’t spend too long talking about things that aren’t relevant unless you gained specialist skills, won awards or did something of note at a previous employer. Focus on your most recent positions and write a paragraph or two on your responsibilities and daily duties. Don’t skimp on the important details. The more you match your skills to the position, the more likely you are to get an interview.

It goes without saying you need to pay attention to spelling and grammar. Poorly spelled and punctuated CVs will be discarded straightaway. To stop yours being thrown in the bin, spell check it and make sure you’ve selected the UK option, not the US one. A common mistake is to misuse words like your and you’re and there and their. Use a dictionary – there are several online ones available if you don’t have one to hand – so you select the correct one.

The format of your CV is important too. Format it so the margins line-up on the edge of your page, and leave plenty of white space in your employment history so it’s easier to read. Use bullet points where applicable and keep it simple. A cluttered, fussy CV will be disregarded over those that are difficult to understand, regardless of the information contained in them.  Use a well-known platform for your CV too. Microsoft Word is ideal. Converting it to a PDF document will give it a professional edge.

Preparing your CV for a motor trade interview needn’t be difficult. You just need to take time and effort over it so it shows you off in your best light. At JGA, we can assess your CV for you, so follow these tips and send it to us, and you’ll have taken your first step on the journey to a great new motor trade career.


September 2013 new car registrations show pre-recession levels for the UK automotive Industry

Automotive IndustrySeptember 2013 new car registrations show pre-recession levels for the UK automotive Industry

By Ross Lebeter, Associate Consultant, John Gibson Associates – Automotive Industry Recruitment Specialists

The automotive industry society, SMMT, published the new cars sales figures for this September, illustrating the highest sales in 5 years. The UK automotive industry totalled 403,136 units indicating a pre-recession performance, bettered only by March 2008 results.

Compared to September 2012 these figures represent a 12.1% increase in sales as the UK automotive industry continue to stand alone in Europe as a shining light for car sales. Automotive industry experts have reported that a brighter domestic economy, attractive finance packages and an increased demand for fuel efficient models have driven the 2013 buying frenzy.

September is seen as a key month for the UK automotive industry representing one of the bi-annual licence plate changes. Whilst this drives consumer interest, the high sales figures are expected to be maintained into 2014.

Mike Hawes, chief executive of the SMMT, said: “This is the 19th consecutive month of steady growth and with fleet and business demand still to reach pre-recession levels, we believe the performance to be sustainable.”

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Record new car sales for a local dealer group

Car Sales

JCT600 confirms new car sales in September are at a record new high – having shown an increase of 66% on 2012.

September is traditionally one of the busiest months for new car sales registrations with the introduction of the new registration plate, with Yorkshire based car retailer managed to sell 2,500 cars.

The well established and respected family-run business operates 47 dealerships throughout Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and the North East.

JCT600 says this boost in car sales is also down to a steady increase in demand and sales throughout recent months and the recent expansion of the group.

Chief executive of JCT600, John Tordoff, said: ‘After a tough few years in the car industry, it’s great to see the market improving in the UK although it remains weak across most of Europe.

‘While our record month is partly due to the recent expansion of the group with the acquisition of some Gilder Group dealerships earlier in the year, it also results from a 24 per cent rise in new car sales across our existing dealerships.’

He added: ‘According to recent figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, new car sales across the UK rose in August for the eighteenth month in a row, up 10.9 per cent on the same month last year. We have seen this upturn in consumer confidence reflected in our dealerships over the last three months with increased footfall and a marked rise in new car sales.’

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What motivates your Automotive Sales Staff?

Automotive Sales

I recently came across an interesting article, questioning the various methods about motivating Automotive Sales Staff and it got me thinking. So I asked some of my Clients what they believed helped to motivate their Sales Staff to their full potential.

1. Believe in the product. They must believe that selling their product to a prospective customer will be of benefit to them. After all, is the it something they would buy themselves?

2. Customer Base – is the product right for your customers. They may like your products but are they in a position to purchase them? Realistic sales leads are a must if you’re going to keep your sales team happy, motivated and efficient.

3. Financial Incentives – Are you paying the correct commission amount? This ties in a little with being able to attract the correct customer base. Are you rewarding your automotive sales team with a financial benefits that are realistic for them to hit?

4. Selling Tools and the Working Environment – Customer Relationship Management Tool, Do you have the tools in place so that your automotive sales people can succeed?  If they cannot effectively access their own little slice of your customer base, then they definitely won’t be motivated! This can be anything from an up to date Referral Programme, Props, a Clean Showroom, State of the art service department… a good working environment aides confidence, not only in staff moral but for the products and company in general.

5. Adequate Training – Do you have a training programs in place. If your automotive sales staff are knowledgeable and confident about the products they’re selling and representing, they’ll more often than not be making that all important close on a sale on a regular basis.(remove). If your staff aren’t confident about what they’re selling, those insecurities are usually picked up by the customer.

6. Finally, do you have the right salespeople? Trying to fit square pegs into round holes is impossible Are you attracting the best in the business? If not do something about it! Working with a trusted resourcing partner within Automotive Recruitment can
help pay dividends for you and your business. At JGA we take the time and effort to get to know your business and how you operate.

Contact JGA today and speak to one of our Automotive Recruitment professionals and see how working together will drive your business forward. To see how working with JGA to recruit the Automotive Sales staff needed to drive your business forward; click here

Automotive Industry News Sales for Quarter Two

Automotive IndustryAutomotive Industry News Sales – Quarter two used car sales this year were the highest since Q1 in 2009.

By Ross Lebeter.  Associate Consultant – Automotive Recruitment, JGA UK.

A report from Experian of Automotive Industry sales figures confirmed that a total of 1,804,871 used cars were sold between April and June 2013, this is in comparison to 1,726,627 in the same quarter of 2012. This is an overall rise of 4.5% and shows the first year-on-year increase in sales during Q2 since records began in 2005.

A significant rise is sales was experienced in all areas compared to the second quarter of 2012, except one.

The biggest rise was in the super-mini area with a 7.5% increase. This includes the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall’s Corsa

The only sector which failed to achieve an increase war the upper-medium which saw a drop of 3.2%

Hybrid and Electric models’ sales continue to rise and saw increases of 35.5% and 14.3% respectively.

The largest section of the markets still held by petrol models (over 65% of the market share), also saw a small rise of 1.1%

The South East of England was the best performing region, witnessing a year-on-year increase of 6.9%

Greater London however was at the other end of the scale, seeing an small but impressive increase of 1.6% more sales in this quarter. The Ford Focus remains the best-selling used car with over 159,000 units sold between April to June 2013.

Why John Gibson Associates, the Automotive Recruitment specialist can help you recruit for success

automotive recruitmentWhy John Gibson Associates, the Automotive Recruitment specialist can help you recruit for success

By Ross Lebeter.  Associate Consultant – Automotive Recruitment, JGA UK.


Why use an Automotive Recruitment Specialist?

– Times have changed – the UK motor industry is enjoying success and with it an extremely competitive employment environment. Candidates now realise they have options and a third party to highlight your company strengths is often the key to securing the top talent.

– Proven performers are usually in employment and not actively looking for a move. We specialise in building and maintaining long term relationships with high performers and we can present to them your outstanding opportunity when the time is right.

– Top performers don’t ‘apply’ for a job – they get head hunted.


When does it make sense to use an Automotive Recruitment Specialist?

– For important positions which can make a large impact on your bottom line or the streamlined operation of an important department. When getting the very best performer is key, use a recruiter.

– Automotive Recruitment specialists will act as a safety net for the candidate – highlighting your dealer groups strengths will be expected from you – however it will be seen as a genuine observation if a recruiter does it and will raise you above the competition before you’ve even met the candidate.

– In addition, use a recruiter to save time. We all know that time is money and seeing your inbox fill with 200+ applications will not do your business any favours. You concentrate on making money, let a recruiter do the leg work.

– Finally, for unimportant roles or for roles with no time pressures, try to recruit yourself. If you are unsuccessful, I’m sure your recruiter could help!


How is John Gibson Associates different from employment agencies and ‘call centre recruiters’?

– A good automotive recruitment specialist should bring to you the best talent ‘in the market’, not purely the best talent ‘on the market’. Your own vacancy ads and other ‘call centre recruiters’ will only supply the people who are currently looking for work.

– A good recruiter will work for you. We will not waste your time submitting sub-standard candidates, purely to seem as though we are the fastest at finding people.

– We take the time to understand the job requirement, approach the right ‘top performers’ and verify their claims.

– We will have personally interviewed and reference checked every submitted candidate. Thus ensuring anyone we recommend to a client in our opinion could do the job and has received good references. This will leave you to decide whether they are right for you and your team, not wondering why they are sat in front of you wasting an hour of your time.


Is it important for your recruiter to personally have motor industry experience?

– YES! Always ask the question of your recruiter – ‘Do you have experience working within the motor industry?’ Even ask whether they have worked in your geographical area.

– An industry experienced recruiter will provide a better service. They will understand the job brief more clearly, understanding what the nature of the problem is and what you require to fix it.

– They will also understand the language used by candidates, see through any exaggerations and know who to talk to in order to verify performance claims.

– An industry experienced recruiter will also make a better, more informed impression on your behalf.


Should you use more than one recruiter on an assignment?

– Generally it is almost always best to develop a solid relationship with your recruiter and use them exclusively on your assignments.

– Using multiple recruiters will lead to crossed paths in the search for candidates.

– This can and usually does, result in some of the following; when a candidate hears of the same position from multiple recruiters you may be seen as the company with a ‘revolving door’ and a staff turnover problem. You may also be at risk of becoming known for raiding staff from other sites which can result in retaliation. You may also scare off candidates who will decline the opportunity as it appears it is being offered to many candidates, not a select few top performers.


How important is an ongoing relationship with a recruiter?

– Maintaining a good relationship with your recruiter is crucial in responding quickly to staffing requirements.

– A good relationship with a recruiter means they already understand your business and can more quickly approach the top performers with an opportunity.

– A recruiter on your side will spread the good word about your company. It can be a massive PR boost to embrace the relationship with your recruiter. A third party success story is always better than coming directly from you.

– A good recruiter will always act more quickly for a favoured client, giving precedence to their vacancies, even the smaller positions.


How can you judge a recruiter’s performance?

– Are they professional in their day-to-day communication with you?

– Are they doing a good job of supplying quality candidates? Not purely ‘on paper’, but did they recommend candidates who met your requirements for personality, management style and specific experience?


Why should you use John Gibson Associates?

– We are the UK’s leading Automotive Recruitment specialists and we’re ‘good at what we do’. We save you time, we have motor industry experience, we understand your specific requirements, we harbour the ‘best talent in the market’, we are trust worthy, confidential and professional on a daily basis.

– The candidates we recommend to a client will be capable of performing to a high level.

– We will have personally interviewed, reference checked and verified our candidates.

– You will be left purely with the task of interviewing a shortlist of exceptional candidates in order to decide which one is the best fit for you and your team.

If you would value a recruiter relationship as highlighted above, please do not hesitate to contact Ross Lebeter of John Gibson Associates on [email protected] or directly on 07920 746 022.

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