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The impact on dealers’ businesses of the changes taking place at the DVLA in 2013.

NFDA briefs dealers on DVLA changes

The NFDA is briefing members on the changes taking place at the DVLA in 2013 and the impact on dealers’ businesses.

DVLA local offices will close in the first quarter of 2014 after all procedures can be carried out online or at the Post Office, said NFDA director Sue Robinson.

“For this to happen changes in regulation and procedures will be implemented over the next 18 months as an online system is developed,” she said.

The changes taking place at the DVLA include the following:

•Tax discs will not be held at dealerships but posted from Swansea when applied for.
•In January 2013 change of vehicle class can be made at UK post offices
•Taxing without V5C will be done from Post Offices
•Replacement tax discs available from 400 UK Crown Post Offices
•Tax discs sent from Swansea. Dealers can have them posted to either the keeper, dealer or fleet company
•After the vehicle is taxed there will be a grace period of 14 days that the vehicle does not need to display the disc. If the disc is required to go out with the vehicle the dealer can tax it up to 14 days in advance
•Trade plates and licences will be sent from Swansea and new applications will not require premises visits or interviews
•Systems testing starts early 2013, limited service by October 2013 and full customer/user release is expected January/February 2014 with additional services added in late 2014
•It is planned to harmonise all systems and processes with the DVLA in the UK, including northern Ireland

CAP's view on Triskaidekaphobia – fear of the number 13

13’ plate spells bad luck for the superstitious motorist’s wallet – and leaves the experts wondering

SUPERSTITIOUS motorists will have to live with the dreaded ’13’ on their number plate if they want a new car next March – or pay for a personal registration to replace it according to CAP, the used car pricing experts.

Despite rumours that drivers could choose to retain the ‘62’ plate after March 1 the DVLA has confirmed to CAP that every new vehicle will automatically carry a ‘13’ plate.

The only escape is to choose a private plate at a cost of at least £250, says CAP’s Martin Ward.

The issue also raises questions about reluctance among superstitious people to purchase used cars in future which carry the ‘13’ plate.

Martin Ward said: “Believe it or not the trade has been rife with talk about this issue recently but it seems the rumours that superstitious drivers will be allowed to opt out of ‘unlucky 13’ on their car was based more on hope than fact – as our contacts at the DVLA have confirmed.

“While it is easy to poke fun at common superstitions it is a fact that many people really are nervous about many of them and will go out of their way to avoid walking under ladders or insist on throwing salt over their shoulder if they spill some.

“Even if the driver isn’t bothered what numbers are on their car, some superstitious family members might object.”

CAP has received numerous enquiries about the potential impact of Triskaidekaphobia – fear of the number 13 – on demand for 13 plate cars and the impact on their depreciation. However, without hard data on the number of truly superstitious people and insight into how seriously they really take the issue it remains a matter of conjecture.

Martin Ward added: “It’s not often we say this at CAP but we have no idea whether the used values of 13 plate cars will be affected or not, although it does seem unlikely.

“Suffice to say the prospect of a nervous 13 plate driver seeing a lone Magpie through the windscreen on Friday 13th doesn’t bear thinking about and our best advice is to make sure you don’t drive a March 2013 car under any ladders.”


For further information contact Mike Hind, Communications Manager, CAP on 0113 222 2044 / 07710 152030

Petrol engined cars can often be the more cost effective choice …..

A Which? survey of diesel running costs has found petrol engines can often be the more cost effective choice for drivers covering a typical annual mileage.

With diesel sales currently accounting for 51.2% of this year’s new car registrations, according to the SMMT, Which? analysed the running costs of diesel and petrol versions of six popular models covering a typical annual mileage of 11,000 miles.

Diesel engines in the BMW 5 Series, Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Astra and Volkswagen Tiguan delivered cheaper fuel bills than their petrol counterparts but Which? said it can take up to 14 years to recoup the £1,000 to £2,000 premium usually charged for new diesel-engined cars.

Diesel-engined Volkswagen Sharan and Peugeot 308 SW in the test performed better in cost comparisons than their petrol counterparts.

“Lower pump prices for petrol and advances in petrol-engine efficiency mean that petrol cars now often provide better value for money,” said Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd.

Which? also said its fuel economy tests also often fell short of the manufacturers’ claims for both diesel and petrol cars.

Source: and Motor Trader Magazine Thursday, 19 July 2012

Great for those who regard the number 13 as unlucky but it could cause a challenge for the used car market.

Nearly new cars continue to be under severe pressure as carmakers pursue aggressive deals to sell new vehicles.

Consumers who are in the market to purchase a car are now looking at new instead of a nearly new car and so prices have fallen and are likely to remain under pressure in the short term, according to the Vehicle Remarketing Association. The VRA said the used market entered the summer in a stable condition with book values for July down 1%.

Small cars were in demand as used car buyers seek out cheaper to run cars, usually petrol.

Buyers are increasingly looking to purchase ready to retail cars and avoiding cars in the wrong colour and specification.

The VRA commented on DVLA proposals to help those customers registering a car from 1 March 2013 to 31 August 2013 to avoid having a ‘13’ plate car.

These superstitious buyers can keep the 62-plate-prefix for those vehicles registered between 1 September 2012 to 28 February 2013.

“This is great for those who regard the number 13 as unlucky but it could cause a challenge for the used car market.

“Those picking up on the anomaly will value the car correctly, but those who don’t may offer drivers considerably less for the car than it is worth just based on the registration plate. Something for the used market to consider in spring next year,” it added.

Source: Motor Trader Magazine Mon 23rd July 2013

Dave Vitty Jokes That Ginetta G60 Will Improve His Luck With The Ladies…

Dave Vitty has become the latest celebrity to be bitten by the Ginetta bug, having spent the past week behind the wheel of the Yorkshire car manufacturer's newly-launched Ginetta G60 supercar.

The Chris Moyles Show star, who has already driven – and crashed – a Ginetta race car in the past, travelled to the factory's Leeds base to collect one of only 25 Ginetta G60's produced each year for a fortnight's loan.

After collecting the 3.7 litre V6 engined machine, Vitty drove from Leeds to Brighton as part Radio One's coverage of the Olympic Torch route, where he jokingly Tweeted; "I wonder if it will increase my chances of not being single by next Wednesday?"

Dave will also take the car to this weekend's Silverstone Classic event, where he will be competing in the Celebrity Challenge alongside friends of Ginetta Sir Patrick Stewart, Brendan Cole, Tony Hirst and Kelvin Fletcher.

Mike Simpson, Head of Sales; "The exclusivity of this luxury road car is often what attracts people such as Dave to the Ginetta brand. Perhaps only five of the 25 G60's produced each year are sold into the UK."


Notes To Editors: Copyright Free image attached for editorial use, credit Jakob Ebrey Photography when used. For more images please visit

Audi City: The Metropolis Cyberstore Opens Its Doors

Audi is preparing automotive retail for the future and complementing its dealer network with a new format – Audi City.

The first location opens today in London close to Piccadilly Circus. The brand's entire model line-up is presented fully digitally in a compact space. The efficient use of space facilitated by this approach allows the four rings to be present in the heart of major international cities.

Over the next few years, Audi will secure more of these attractive locations, opening more than 20 stores worldwide by 2015. In future, Audi City will also play a crucial role in the marketing of new mobility services and electric-drive Audi models.

"Audi City combines the best of two worlds – digital product presentation and personal contact with the dealer," says Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management for Marketing and Sales at AUDI AG. "This new retail format brings us even closer to our customers – geographically, of course, but first and foremost in terms of the quality of our relationship. Audi City offers new freedom for tailor-made services and an even more individual contact with the customer."

Thanks to groundbreaking media technology, the vehicle manufacturer now has the ability not only to present its growing model line-up – including all colours, equipment options and functions – in its entirety, but also to offer customers the chance to experience the sheer breadth of the range in full. Visitors can digitally select their vehicle from several hundred million possible configurations and experience it in realistic 1:1 scale on screens that almost fill the entire space.

Moreover, technical details such as the drivetrain, bodyshell or LED light technology can be presented individually in order to make innovations understandable on an intuitive level.

With Audi City, the premium manufacturer is responding to customers' changing needs. "People are placing greater emphasis than ever before on a direct and personal bond of trust with their vehicle brand – especially in respect of the increasing variety of products and available information," explains Schwarzenbauer. "Thus, with Audi City, we are creating a one-stop-shop for experiencing our brand. It is right in the midst of our customers' lives, yet seamlessly connected to the online range offered by the four rings."

This is particularly assured by the Customer Relationship Manager, who will be deployed in future at Audi City locations. This individual will be the customer's central and consistent point of contact for all needs – from the first consultation to after-sales and ongoing services. Plus, every Audi City is also connected to an Audi dealership that provides the entire spectrum of AUDI AG services as a single-point centre of competence.

With this highly personalized customer dialogue and the provision of individual services, Audi City represents a substantial expansion of the retail experience. In support of this, AUDI AG offers employee training targeted specifically at these urban stores and also supports the dealer in their selection and further training.

Furthermore, employees increasingly have a more broad-based educational background – as IT experts, for instance, who are qualified to explain the digital world of Audi City.

Their central urban location makes each Audi City more than simply an additional retail outlet. Audi City will also evolve into a meeting place for fans of the brand, where they can make contact with the world of the four rings whenever they want. The stores will also be used as a dialogue forum for issues outside of core automotive business. For example, following close of daily business, they will play host to readings, round-table discussions and exhibitions on issues such as urban development and mobility or on matters relating to art, culture and design.

Digital press kit on Audi City:


Did you notice that Part-ex used car values rose 2% in June?

Average dealer part-exchange used car values in June rose 2% to £2,374 compared to June 2011, according to the latest analysis from Manheim.

Overall, the volume of all cars available for sale, across fleet, dealer part-exchange and retail, has fallen dramatically during this period.

The overall average selling price of dealer part exchange vehicles fell by 1.8% in June to £2,347 compared to May.

Daren Wiseman, valuation services manager at Manheim Auctions, said: “Values have increased over the last 12 months, however, the fall in available stock has led to choice becoming more limited.

Buyers may well be snapping up stock they probably wouldn’t have looked at six months ago just to make sure they have enough out on the forecourts.

“The stock pool is likely to shrink further over the next six months and this, combined with an once-in-a-lifetime summer of sport and distractions, means it will be very difficult to predict retail demand going forward.

“Interestingly, a trend is starting to appear to suggest that ever-increasing fuel prices are having an impact. While the age of the vehicles is increasing, the average mileage is tending to fall, suggesting that people might be endeavouring to drive fewer miles while hanging on for their vehicles for longer. This is a trend which may well start to make an impact in two or three years’ time when current ‘new’ vehicles hit the used vehicle marketplace.”

Ginetta eBay Motorsport Prize In Support Of National Motorsport Week

In celebration of National Motorsport Week, Ginetta have listed on eBay a place on their Ginetta Junior test session at Bedford Autodrome on 31 July 2012 as well as an entry into their 2013 Ginetta Junior Scholarship scheme.

Fresh from their appearance at the 'Young Guns' themed Goodwood Festival of Speed, the British road and race car brand are keen to promote motorsport as an accessible career option to the young men and women of today, with their Bedfordshire test day providing the first test for the racing stars of 2013.

One budding young racing driver* will be invited to spend a day with Ginetta, where they will learn the fundamental basics of becoming a racing driver as they get behind the wheel of the 1800cc Zetec-engined Ginetta G40.

Ginetta Championships Manager, Max Gregory said; "The Ginetta test day is a great way for young drivers to test their mettle in one of our cars, and the Junior series is the most high-profile one of its kind in the UK, so it's a great avenue for youngsters to start their careers. We are delighted to auction off one of these sought-after places in the name of charity."

In addition, Ginetta are also running an auction for an entry into the 2013 Ginetta Junior Scholarship to be held later this year; which offers one youngster a fully-funded season in the 2013 Ginetta Junior Championship, worth over £40,000.

2012 Ginetta GT Supercup race winner and former Ginetta Junior championship contender, Louise Richardson said; "The Ginetta Junior Scholarship provides a great opportunity for drivers to progress into cars, and helps those drivers who might not necessarily have been able to make the jump otherwise. I certainly wouldn't be where I am today without the help of Ginetta."

One of two Ginetta support races to the British Touring Car Championship, the Ginetta Junior Championship is the UK's highest profile series for young drivers wanting to cut their teeth in the high-octane world of motorsport.

Dedicated to developing young driving talent and providing an ideal first step onto the racing career ladder, the Ginetta Junior series is a genuine avenue into top level racing including BTCC and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
The simple to enter eBay auction will close on 14th July and all proceeds will go directly to the Motorsport Foundation. To bid on this once-in-a-lifetime auction, visit our eBay site by clicking here.

*No license is required to take part, however, to be eligible drivers date of birth must be between 01.01.1996 and 31.03.1999.


For more information contact Ginetta PR Ruth Harrison on 0113 385 4165 / [email protected]

Learn to sell yourself at interview by presenting your achievements in story form…..

Jack had some interview feedback, ‘People told him that he gets the facts across but he need to learn to tell a good story.’

Jack is fortunate to have received constructive criticism in a market where post-interview feedback is random. But what kind of stories should he be telling? Not the kind interviewers complain about when they meet candidates with overcomplicated explanations for CV gaps and problems.

And not pure fiction – telling lies on paper leads to early dismissal and a tarnished reputation.

We’re talking about storytelling in its best sense – something that engages the listener and helps the candidate stay remembered. Good interviewees know how to pitch evidence of their skills and tell a convincing story.

A good story has an arresting opening. How often have you wrecked an interview by going on at length about where your role fitted into the organisation chart? Get to the point.

Unless you are interesting, interviewers are easily distracted. You think you’re giving your best evidence; they are mentally planning a trip to Sainsbury’s or wondering who’ll win tonight’s match. They tune out when you over-deliver (but tune back in like a shark sensing blood in the water whenever you say something that reveals a weakness).

A good story has a memorable ending. Talk about outcomes – the things that happened because you turned up to work that day. If outcomes were ‘soft’ (hearts-and-minds stuff rather than projects managed or deals done), learn to talk about those successes.

If you did something difficult, sell the idea. If you faced a challenge, show how big it was. Barriers? Obstacles? Make the task sound big enough to be interesting.

Plan ahead using the employer’s wish list as your guide. Work out what the weightiest five or six items in the job description are and prepare at least two three-minute tales to match each one.

Don’t generalise interview answers, plan the words – not a vague idea of what you will talk about but the exact words you will use to begin and end each piece of evidence. Practise mini-narratives by rehearsing them out loud, not just in your head. By the time you’ve spoken something three times, you’ll know how it will fly and you’ll have a wide range of stories at your fingertips.

Skilled storytellers know how long they can hold an audience’s attention. Make the most of your material by turning dull facts into convincing stories that are remembered long after you have left the room.

Data source: John Lees’ Job Interviews: Top Answers To Tough Questions is published this month. See for details of regional workshops and one-to-one coaching.

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