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Dealer response times boost conversion rates

Dealers can “dramatically” improve conversion rates of new cars sales enquiries if they speed up their response time to internet and telephone enquiries to within 48 hours

A quarter, 23.1%, of consumers who were contacted within one week converted to a sale but this dropped to just 2% for those contacted after more than a week, according to research from

Further research among 1,000 car buyers reveals that one in six car buyers will go to another dealer if they call to arrange a test drive or ask for a brochure and don’t get a response back from the dealer within 48 hours.

Chris Green, co-founder and sales director at said: “Dealers have a great opportunity to convert more new car sales enquiries, just by speeding up their response times.

It can make a huge difference to the purchase decision of a potential car buyer, many of whom are used to receiving fast response rates when they are shop for other products and services.

Source © Metropolis International Group Ltd 2010

Here is some of the feedback we have received since the last newsletter – nice to know people read it:

"Great moral booster and a good way of getting across a simple message any of us should accept".
Thanks – Ray

Hello, Many thanks for your Newsletter..interesting!
One thing Iwould like to point out.If you have been out of work for some time, the pressure to hunt for that opportunity can lead to the 'blanket bombing' mentality in order to get that interview.
Your points do bring me back though to what i think, or thought I was doing and that is selling myself and building rapport..or the 'bank account' as you say, be it consciously or sub-consciously..and clearly that is what i need to be doing with agencies.
With a lot of job sites and agencies out there, it is a detail that has been forgotten, so thanks for the re-focus!
Best Regards – Simon

Interesting reading, not looking for a job Im afraid but I enjoyed the read. I've heard about the hard wired buying from people theories over and over, but that emotional bank account is new to me and rings true. Use your credibility wisely! Branson is top at this, read his biography if you haven't it's inspirational and a good read. Psychology is too overlooked an sales and so much more effective that the thousands companies waste on process training. Must admit I'm guilty of applying through the job boards in the past despite having contacts, path of least resistance instincts don't always help us, won't be doing that again…Best regards – Matt


From the comments regarding last months Newsletter a number of you feel that getting the interview is the tough bit currently in this uncertain job market and we would agree actually securing the interview is the biggest part of the battle. We would also say it can be the part that people pay least attention too. To try and explain in some more detail let us expand a little on the comments last month about an ex-colleague, lets call her Suzie, gaining an interview and then the job.
To get into a bit of psychology, 'people buy from people' is a very old saying and part of the meaning is the fact that people usually like to interrelate with each other and feel part of a group. In one of its most basic forms football supporters follow 'their team', go to matches, all sing songs together and sometimes act together in a group in some most un-normal ways, its a pack mentality that we are all 'hard-wired' with and for that period of time during match day people can let this base instinct come to the fore.

Within any group we are part of whether it be business or pleasure we all sub-consciously 'buy into' each other and give and receive amounts of credibility and this produces a natural order and even a hierarchy within the group. If you understand the dynamics of this it can be used to your advantage, one management theory that uses this is what's known as 'The Emotional Bank Account'. Just think of giving and receiving credibility and interacting positively with people as a bank balance, if you give to people your bank balance increases, if you only take then you become overdrawn and ultimately become 'emotionally bankrupt'.

Credibility can take many forms and applies to both work and private life, it can be the help you give others, how you accept other people and relate to them through to the way you work with other people and it can range from just being a good mate to helping a colleague complete a project by a tight deadline.

The best example of using the emotional bank account I can think of is Sir Richard Branson, he has built a multi-billion £ business using the emotional bank account theory. His business model is to use his credibility and other investors money to succeed. When he started Virgin Trains he took over from a very badly run train provider who had a very low service standard. The dilemma he faced was that new cleaner and faster trains were at least three years away even if he ordered them straightway. His approach was to say to the travelling public that Virgin was going to make it worse, it was going to provide a poorer service than the already very poor one and it would take at least three years before it started to get better.

The travelling public instead of complaining more, complained less, his CSI increased even though his service got worse and he couldn't put a foot wrong. This was due to him having a very high emotional bank balance with the public and using some of that balance to deliver bad news. All his customers saw was a credible straight talking person who had started many other very good business's who was asking for their time and patience for him sort it out and make their travelling better in the future. They gave him that time and space and the rest as they say is history.

All very interesting but how does that effect you getting an interview ?
If you have credibility in the eyes of the person who decides if you are to be interviewed your chances of gaining that interview are many, many times higher and that's how Suzie got through the process.

We have in the last month seen a number of Candidates who we know, have interviewed and have credibility with us throw that away and not use the relationship to gain an interview. We advertise jobs on our own web-site and a number of Motor Industry and non-Motor Industry job boards. These Candidates have clearly been going through the job boards, seen a job we have advertis

CAP celebrates its auction partnerships with summer road shows

CELEBRATING CAP’s enduring partnerships with Britain’s leading auction houses, Black Book Live editors take to the halls this summer for a special series of road shows.

The events will also give auction-goers a chance to meet the team behind CAP’s benchmark used car trade values to discuss the marketplace and ask questions.

For CAP it is a chance to give something back to the auction businesses who provide such vital focal points in the research processes that drive its range of trade valuation products.

CAP editors are already a familiar sight for many auction visitors as they travel the country daily, basing much of their research around the key auction sites which form the heart of Britain’s used car trade.
For the road shows all CAP staff will be easily identifiable, wearing branded clothing and working from a prominently sited stand in each hall.

Breakfast or lunch will also be on CAP for visitors to its stand on each day, with the provision of food vouchers, while there will also be free prize draws for stand visitors running during each event.

CAP Chief Editor Christopher Crow said: “In many ways the auctions are the heart of the car trade and CAP’s relationships with our auction partners have been pivotal in our success. Every working day the auctions provide us with vital data and a place for our experts to see the market in action and meet many of their professional contacts.

“In a year when we are celebrating the successful launch of our real time used car trade price guide Black Book Live we are delighted to be staging our road shows right at the used car trade coalface to show our appreciation of the partnerships we enjoy with the auction houses.

“We also want to take the opportunity to give something back to our own customers, which is why we’re offering food vouchers for visitors to use at the auction restaurant or cafeteria and proving that – in CAP’s case – there really is such a thing as a free lunch.”

The first of CAP’s auction road shows will take place at Aston Barclay, Chelmsford, on July 2.


For further information contact Mike Hind, Communications Manager, CAP on 0113 222 2044 / 07710 152030
Follow MikeH_CAP on Twitter
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Used car pricing and technical information from CAP has been trusted by motor trade professionals for more than 30 years. The company provides trusted and accurate pricing and technical information on cars, vans, motorcycles and trucks to the UK automotive industry every day. Founded in 1979 and based in Leeds (UK), CAP’s data and information systems serve clients across a broad variety of automotive-related sectors. CAP’s current used car values are used as the benchmark for residual values performance across the disposals industry and CAP Monitor is the leading residual values forecasting tool for the Contract Hire, Leasing, Daily Rental, Finance and Insurance industries. CAP’s new vehicle data system serves a broad variety of e-commerce, DMS, showrooms and asset management systems throughout the Retail, Contract Hire, Leasing, Finance and e-commerce sectors. CAP information also operates at the heart of many leading vehicle marketing websites and car sales portals, including Britain’s largest – AutoTrader – helping consumers safely make the best informed decisions about their purchase choices.
CAP, Capitol House, Bond Court, Leeds LS1 5EZ
Telephone: 0113 222 2000 Facsimile: 0113 222 2001

Yamaha Motor Get On Board With Ride To Work Day By Riding The Olympic Cycle Route

Ride to Work Day 18th June is celebrated all over the UK, with events held at dealerships, biker-friendly cafes & pubs and ride-outs organised by owners' clubs and bike organisations such as BikeSafe and of course manufacturers.

Yamaha Motor UK have once again got behind the National initiative by getting staff who normally ride to work and habitual car drivers who also have a bike license, to coordinate their commute, all on bikes.

Congregating at the Brooklands, Surrey HQ, 12 riders using Yamaha motorcycles and scooters of all shapes and sizes, staff used part of the Olympic cycle route around the North Downs to get to Newlands Corner near Guildford for a hearty breakfast (at The Barn). Fully refuelled, the group then took the quick way back to work!

Simon Belton, Marketing Manager remarked: 'There are quite a few Yamaha staff who regularly ride to work, easing local congestion, getting to work and back reliably and generally having fun whilst doing it! It's great to see non-regular and new riders get the bug too, all resulting from this great initiative that we as an industry support. And with the Get On facility, everyone should consider having a go – no charge.'

For people that haven't taken the plunge, take a free ride with Get On at – it could be the start of something great!

Want to know more on Ride To Work Day?


For further information, please contact:
Simon Belton:
E: [email protected]

Yamaha Motor LTD:

Sopwith Drive



Surrey KT13 0UZ

T: +44 (0) 1932 358000

F: +44 (0) 1932 358030

E: [email protected]

Dealers urged to think outside the showroom box…..

Dealer bosses have been urged to ensure they do not restrict their business activities to the showroom if they are to win and retain customers.

This was among the recommendations of a panel of industry professionals, including Joe Doyle, CEO of HR Owen and Charles Peugeot, sales director of Citroën UK, at this week’s SMMT International Automotive Summit.

Doyle, who took over as the HR Owen boss earlier this year, stressed, the opinions of potential customers are increasingly being formed by third parties.

He said it is crucial for dealers to get out of their showrooms to reach customers; not just by taking product to where their customer-base works and relaxes but by putting in place structured online engagement and monitoring system and using cloud-based CRM tools to consolidate customer databases.

Speakers also highlighted the importance of having a structured social media strategy in place.

The panel acknowledged that with consumers, of all demographics, researching product online before visiting a dealership to make a purchase, it is increasingly difficult for dealers to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

MARKET TRENDS – Its all going up…..

As you would have most likely already heard or read all sectors increased sales in May. Retail car sales, Fleet sales, Van sales, Truck sales and Buses & Coaches in fact only new motorcycle registrations reduced with a 3.5% drop in May (not helped by the weather no doubt ?).

Overall car registrations increased by 7.9% the largest rise for nearly 2 years (back to scrappage days), in the last 3 months fleet sales have reduced but this has now turned into a 4.8% increase. This means the current YTD increase is 6% (9,000 units) above the SMMT forecasts and the current run rate puts year end at 1.96 million units which is nicely ahead of last year.

The truck market continues its increase up 31.5% in May (24.5% YTD) joined by the van market at 6.7% up after dropping for the last 5 months, the May increase alone turns a YTD decrease of 11.7% for vans into an YTD increase of 0.4%. The focus of growth in the van market seems to be in the up to 2t category and trucks in the 2-axle rigid 3.5 – 6t area.

Recruitment wise we had a very good May with June shaping up to be possibly a record breaker as people recruit both front line operational people to deal with the increased levels of business and managers to help plan and implement future growth. Out of Motor Industry cross sector general recruitment also seems to be very strong with the general sectors all showing increases and polls indicating that many more employers in the UK are recruiting than in Q1.

We don't think we are out of the woods yet but all the signs are good.

Honda Celebrate Success At 2012 Isle Of Man TT…..

The 2012 Isle of Man TT came to a close this weekend and despite the Senior TT being cancelled for the first time in the event's 105-year history, the event was an unprecedented success for Honda, who took victory in three of the five solo motorcycle races contested and graced the podium 11 out of a possible 15 times*.
Both the Superbike and the first Supersport race at the start of the week ended with a Honda 1-2-3; McGuinness taking victory in the first aboard his Honda TT Legends CBR1000RR Fireblade and in the latter, Padgetts Racing's Bruce Anstey piloting his Honda CBR600RR to what was the second closest TT victory in history, with a winning margin of just 0.77 seconds. McGuinness's win in that followed in the Superstock class – also with Padgetts Racing – aboard the near stock Fireblade, took the tally of Honda TT wins to 163.
The decision to cancel the Senior TT at the end of the week, deprived McGuinness of the chance to challenge for his 20th Isle of Man TT victory, but there is always next year for the 'Morecambe Missile', currently sitting on 19 TT wins. There appears to be no sign of him stopping anytime soon as he closes in on the great, late Joey Dunlop's total tally of 26 TT wins.
In amongst all the success there was one moment of misfortune when Honda TT Legends rider, Simon Andrews crashed at Grahams during lap one of the Superbike race. He was immediately taken to hospital to receive treatment for his injuries. He is now expected to make a full recovery.
The dominant performance of Honda machines across all contested classes proved once again that the Honda is the bike to be on to challenge the 37.73 Isle of Man TT mountain course, one of the most mechanically demanding in all of motorsport.
Neil Tuxworth, Manager – Honda Racing: "The TT is always such a magical event for Honda. It is where Honda began racing and have been coming for over 50 years to compete, with numerous successes during this period. To come back with the manufacturer's title, three solo wins out of five races and with a total of 11 podiums – two of which comprised fully of Honda is a fantastic reward for all the hard work put. The Honda TT Legends, Padgetts Racing and Wilson Craig Racing teams all performed with such professionalism and proved once again that the Honda is still the most competitive machine out there, across all classes."


Notes to Editors

*Not including the TT Zero class, which was not contested by Honda


Honda Press Office

Honda (UK)

T: 01753 590193

E: [email protected]

Tom Hobbs

Honda (UK)

MY62 REG anyone?

DVLA Announce The New 62 Series Of Personalised Registrations Will Be Available To Purchase On Tuesday 12 June
The DVLA has announced that the forthcoming 62 series of personalised registration numbers will be available to buy on the Personalised Registrations website from 8.30am on Tuesday 12 June 2012.

The DVLA has given the public the opportunity to view the 62 series online at and search through the millions of combinations to ensure they can come up with their perfect plate, with prices starting from £405.

Damian Lawson, DVLA Personalised Registrations' Marketing Manager, said:
"The introduction of the new 62 series opens up a whole new raft of potential registrations, examples being OO62 BMW, RO62 ERT and MY62 REG.
"With prices starting from £405 there's something here for everyone. Numbers can only be purchased via our website and motorists may wish to set up an online account in advance of the launch on the 12 June to save them time on the day."

The new registrations will be seen on our roads from 1 September 2012.


Notes to Editors:

New series of registration numbers are issued every 6 months. The next series issued will be the 13 series (March 2013) and the 63 series (September 2013).

It is illegal to misrepresent a vehicle registration on a number plate. The rules governing their correct display can be found at:, in the 'FAQ' section.

A number plate cannot be used to make a vehicle appear younger than it is. The 62 series must be displayed on a vehicle that was first registered on or after 1 September 2012.

Millions of other personalised registrations can be viewed at DVLA Personalised Registrations' official website,

The on the road date for the 62 series is 1st September 2012.

In addition to those on sale via the website, a selection of 62 series registrations may be sold at future DVLA auctions.

For further information, please contact:

All press enquiries should be directed to:
DVLA Press Office
T: 0300 123 0791 (Out of Hours: 0300 123 2407)
E: [email protected]